Article 19 works so that everyone in the world can express themselves freely and have access to information and enjoy the full freedom of the press. We understand freedom of expression as three things:

  1. Freedom of expression is the right to speak
  • This by expressing these political, cultural, social and economic opinions
  • He’s the right to dissent
  • He advocates for meaningful electoral democracy and enhances public confidence in the administration.

  1. Freedom of expression is the freedom of the press
  • It helps the media to be free and independent to report without fear, interference, persecution and discrimination
  • It is the right to provide knowledge, give voice to marginalized people and highlight corruption
  • It creates an environment where people feel safe about the issue of government action and consider power.

  1. Freedom of expression is the right to know
  • It therefore covers access to all media, internet, art, academic writings, and information held by the government
  • It is the right to use by demanding rights to health, clean environment, truth and justice
  • It holds governments accountable for their promises, obligations and actions.


Article 19 envisages a world without any discrimination of speech and where people are free to express their opinions and participate in decision-making and make informed choices about the subjects that fall under them in a transparency of information.