Our Programs

The main areas of intervention of ARTICLE 19 West Africa Regional Office are:

  • Strengthen the legal, institutional and political frameworks of freedom of expression, as well as access to information and means of communication;
  • Assist governments and national, grassroots and regional community organizations to put in place policies that facilitate transparency in West Africa;
  • Promote independent, diverse and pluralistic media in West Africa;
  • Engage with civil society actors to strengthen national and regional expertise in public policy development and monitoring of their implementation;
  • Promote wider popular participation of all citizens in public decision-making spheres at international, national and local levels through the development of freedom of expression and access to information;
  • Promote freedom of expression and access to information and the participation of women and young people in public spaces.

One of the key aspects of the ARTICLE 19 approach is to work in partnership with local organizations to build their capacity on freedom of expression and to improve our local knowledge, visibility and legitimacy.

Our priority programs

  • Reform of the legal and institutional frameworks for freedom of expression and the press;
  • Access to information, transparency and participation through the adoption of the Access to Information Act;
  • Access to information and political participation of women and youth in decision-making bodies;
  • Protection of journalists and human rights activists and the fight against impunity;
  • The protection of public space;
  • Strengthening the capacity of citizens to control public actions, particularly in the area of management of the public good and basic public services.